• I wasn’t born in Western Australia but it’s the place I call home now (good lord that makes me feel like a disappointing regurgitated Qantas ad about twenty years too old for that shit but then I digress)
  • I’ve been a doctor in training for far too long at this point and could probably do with some sort of extended sabbatical to find myself Julia Roberts ‘Eat Pray Love’ gratuitous-romanticisation-cum-exploitation-of-the-developing-world-for-self-growth style, if not for the fact that (a) I have far too much self-respect for that sort of thing, and (b) by far too long I actually mean a couple of months
  • My predicament being – what to do with myself? For now I’ll keep on doing whatever it is I’m doing as it seems to have prevented starvation, ostracisation and all sorts of other types of -ations you might care to name that undoubtedly would have a deleterious effect on the wellbeing of myself and those close to me. But yes this is my blog
  • Also I like that there hippity hop

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